Don't just take our word for it

Roem Limited is a highly respected independent provider of one-to-one and group training courses for Microsoft Office and Windows. The Institute of IT Training - now known as the Learning and Performance Institute, LPI - has "commended ... the excellent work that Roem Ltd is carrying out".

This is a partial list of reviews from recent customers.

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"Enjoyed that session - it was my first Webinar believe it not. Some great tips which I'm going to play around with now and put in to practice."
Carolyn Rutherford, Royal Veterinary College, 60-minute Windows webinar

"I contacted Karen a few weeks ago with a view to having some bespoke 1:1 training on Word. You'd think working as long as I have with Word I'd be completely confident, but there were many things about this software that frustrated me. Enter Karen. Just two hours of 1:1 training had me leaving far more confident and understanding of some of the things I found challenging. Karen really understood what I needed and tailored the training to my exact needs. I'd happily recommend Roem Limited to any of my colleagues and friends."
Kate Goodchild, Director at Hue Imbued Consultancy Limited, tailored 2 hour Word training course

"I am a woman in my mid eighties and a complete technophobe and despite several attempts until recently modern technology was a no go area, I found very daunting - but I realised that I had to try again as it has become almost impossible to do anything if you are not online. My old fashioned way of dealing with my affairs of letters/telephone doesn't work so well anymore as everyone assumes you are online. A friend recommended Karen Roem and under her guidance and extreme patience I am finally online. She discussed with me before I purchased anything what type of apparatus was best suited to my needs, she ordered it for me, set it all up with e-mail addresses etc., and now I am finally online (hurrah). So to anyone who feels daunted like I did I cannot recommend Karen Roem too highly."
Constance E. Standen

"This was a fantastic training session. Karen provided bespoke solutions, tailored to resolve the problems I had been unable to answer either by searches on the internet or talking to colleagues. The day after the training session, Karen wrote up and sent me detailed notes on what had been covered, helping me to implement what I had learned and to support the longer-term improvements discussed at the training session. I wish I had come to you for help earlier. Many thanks."
John Davies, Biochemistry Dept, Cambridge University, tailored 2 hour Excel training course

"There are so many things I picked up from you that I use day-to-day."
Jenny Wiegold, Contamac, 90-minutes Excel training, in association with Cambridge Network

"Styles are very underused in Word processing applications. This webinar goes a long way to raise awareness of this important feature in Word and other programs."
David Green, Citrix Systems UK Limited, Cambridge, 7 reasons to use Styles in Word

"Very responsive trainer, tailored learning and went at my pace."
Claire Druce, Royal Veterinary College, tailored 60-minute one-to-one Excel training via MS Teams

"The session was great and I think we all came away with a far better sense of what is possible and how to achieve it, so thanks so much."
Beth McCabe, Cambridge Community Arts, tailored Excel training

"As ever Karen manages to breathe life into a potentially very dry subject. Gives me inspiration to explore the systems knowing what they are capable of without taking too much core work time."
Lisa Jane Haycock, Royal Veterinary College, 60-minute PowerPoint webinar