Mail Merge Demystified

Let's face it ... mail merge can be tricky. Perhaps you knew how to do it in a previous version of Word but never quite got the hang of it since Office 2007? Or perhaps you think it's a mysterious beast, not worth the hassle? The truth is it's a piece of cake – and a big time saver – as long as you know how. So we're going to make it easy.

In just half a day you will learn how to use (and troubleshoot!) the mail merge process with confidence. You will go back with a handout packed with exercises to practice what you've learnt at your own pace in your own time. For one month following the course you are entitled to free post-course support on any subject matter covered in the course.

Word's Mail Merge feature can be used to produce letters, mailing labels and envelopes. It can also be used to distribute merged email messages. Starting with a walk through the basic mail merge process, creating letters from scratch to using data from Excel or Access to create and print labels, this half-day course provides you with the tools to stay in touch with your customers or students.

Topics will include:

  • Create a main document and data source
  • Insert, revise and format merge fields in the main document
  • Add a personal note to letters for those special clients
  • Send a document to only some of the people in your list
  • Create and print mailing and/or conference labels
  • Generate envelopes using mail merge
  • Merge letters, labels, envelopes and email with data from Excel and Access
  • Stay in touch with customers by creating an email newsletter
  • Troubleshoot mail merge

The maximum class size is only four, providing computer training in a friendly, non-threatening atmosphere. You will be led through each topic and there will be plenty of opportunity for hands–on exercises, questions and individual support. The practical work will be done on a laptop using Word® 2007. However, if you use an earlier version of Word this course will still be appropriate, as the versions are very similar.