Microsoft Word Intermediate - course outline

Microsoft Word is a widely used and powerful word-processing package. The primary objective of this one-day Intermediate course is to broaden your knowledge of Word and to appreciate the full potential of Word. You will be encouraged to discuss your individual requirements relevant to your work. By the end of the course you will be competent with the following skills:

Intermediate editing and formatting techniques

  • finding and replacing formatting and special characters in a document
  • adjusting character spacing in a document
  • creating a multiple-section document
  • revealing and clearing formatting in a document

Setting up a table

  • inserting a table in a document
  • formatting a table
  • inserting and deleting rows/columns in a table
  • converting text to a table
  • using the table styles in the design tab

Setting up multiple-column documents

  • creating parallel columns in a document
  • creating newsletter-style columns in a document
  • editing and restructuring newsletter-style columns

Creating charts and diagrams

  • inserting a chart into a document
  • modifying a chart
  • inserting a diagram into a document

Using styles

  • applying styles to text
  • modifying a style for the current document

Setting up an outline document

  • formatting a document for outline view
  • working in outline view

Producing a report

  • adding a border and shading to text
  • adding a header/footer to a document
  • adding page numbers to a document
  • printing specific pages of a document

Collaborating with other word users

  • tracking changes in a document
  • inserting comments into a document
  • responding to proposed changes and comments in a document
  • merging revised copies of a document
  • distributing a document for review via e-mail

Additional Intermediate Word features

  • inserting a picture into a document
  • creating a drawing in a document
  • inserting a hyperlink into a document
  • splitting the document window/opening a new document window

This course outline is a guide. All our courses can be tailored to customer requirements.

Target audience
This course is aimed at anyone who has some experience of Word and wishes to examine some of the more advanced features.

Assumed knowledge
Delegates should be familiar with the basics of Word, either from attending our Introduction Course or knowledge gained from their own experience.