Microsoft Word Advanced - course outline

Microsoft Word is a widely used and powerful word-processing package. The primary objective of this one-day Advanced course is to broaden your knowledge of Word and to appreciate the full potential of Word. You will be encouraged to discuss your individual requirements relevant to your work. By the end of the course you will be competent with the following skills:

Advanced editing and formatting techniques

  • controlling page breaks in a document, sorting lists and tables
  • creating new paragraph and character styles
  • creating new list and table styles, adding a watermark to a document
  • summarizing document content

Working with tables

  • producing calculations in a Word table
  • merging and splitting table cells/entering vertical text into a table cell
  • creating a table by linking or embedding a Microsoft Office Excel worksheet

Working with pictures and charts

  • modifying a picture, wrapping text around a picture
  • creating a chart by importing Microsoft Office Excel data

Working with multiple-page documents

  • creating a table of contents, creating an index
  • navigating through a multiple-page document
  • creating footnotes and endnotes, creating cross-references
  • creating a table of figures, creating a table of authorities

Performing mail merge

  • the mail merge feature, initiating a mail merge
  • creating a data source, creating a main document
  • merging a main document and a data source
  • printing mailing labels, using an external data source

Creating a Word form

  • Word forms, creating a form template
  • adding form fields to a form, protecting a form

Customizing Word

  • modifying the display of tracked changes, creating a custom dictionary
  • resetting the default storage location for templates
  • resetting the default font

Using Macros

  • what is a macro?, recording a macro
  • running a macro, saving a macro
  • displaying and editing macro instructions
  • adding macros to the QuickAccess toolbar, reviewing macro security options

Additional Advanced Word features

  • password-protecting a document
  • setting formatting and editing restrictions in a document
  • finalizing a document

This course outline is a guide. All our courses can be tailored to customer requirements.

Target audience
Anyone wishing to investigate the more powerful and advanced features of Word.

Assumed knowledge
Delegates should be familiar with the basic features of Word, and should have some experience of the topics covered in our Introduction and Intermediate Courses, either from attending these courses or by knowledge gained from their own experience.