Microsoft Outlook Introduction - course outline

Microsoft Outlook is a messaging and personal information management program that helps you manage your messages, appointments, contacts, and tasks. The primary objective of this one-day Introduction course is to familiarise you with the basic operations of Outlook. This extremely practical course will provide hands-on experience of many of the features found in this product. By the end of the course you will be competent with the following skills:

Getting started

  • what is Outlook? starting Outlook, the Outlook application window
  • working with Outlook menus and toolbars
  • working in the navigation pane, displaying help information
  • exiting from Outlook

Sending and receiving mail messages

  • creating and sending a mail message
  • displaying and responding to a mail message
  • printing a mail message
  • attaching an external file to a mail message
  • displaying the contents of a file attachment
  • forwarding a mail message
  • using follow-up flags
  • additional mail message topics

Manipulating and managing mail messages

  • changing the inbox folder view, regrouping the inbox listing,
  • creating a new folder, moving a mail message into a folder
  • deleting a mail message, restoring a deleted mail message

Setting up appointments

  • navigating through the calendar
  • scheduling a single appointment, scheduling a recurring appointment
  • editing an appointment, deleting an appointment
  • scheduling an event, changing the calendar folder view
  • printing the calendar, additional appointment topics

Setting up meetings

  • creating and sending a meeting request
  • responding to a meeting request
  • additional meeting topics

Creating a contact list

  • adding a contact to the contact list
  • changing the contacts folder view
  • sorting the contact list, printing the contact list
  • additional contact topics

Creating a tasks list

  • adding a task to the task list, updating the task list
  • changing the tasks folder view, additional task topics

Maintaining a Journal

  • manually recording a journal entry
  • automatically recording journal entries
  • changing the journal folder view, additional journal topics

Using the notes folder

  • creating a note, saving a note in a file
  • changing the notes folder view
  • additional note topics

This course outline is a guide. All our courses can be tailored to customer requirements.

Target audience
This course is aimed at new or recent users of Outlook.

Assumed knowledge
Delegates should be familiar with the Windows operating system, either from attending a Windows Introduction Course or knowledge gained from their own experience. No knowledge of Outlook is expected.