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Top 5 Hints and Tips

Back in June 2007 I clocked up my 200th tip. To mark the occasion, I asked my weekly tip subscribers to nominate their favourite top tip(s) of all time. Well, here they are! With thanks to Vicky, Penny, Sheila, and Diane for their nominations!

  1. Prevent a user from entering a date that occurs in the future (Microsoft Access)
  2. Netiquette when emailing a large group of people (Microsoft Outlook)
  3. Quickly minimize all open windows (Microsoft Windows)
  4. Quickly repeating a formula down a column (Microsoft Excel)
  5. Copy all formatting from one object to another (Microsoft Office)

I also like to take the opportunity to thank Anthony, Nichola, Fiona, Ruth and Anna for their feedback. It makes all the difference to know you're out there!

I am not sure which is my favourite tip - I have found many of them very helpful. Congratulations on reaching #199.

Just to say that I'm still out here and gratefully receiving your tips each week! Thanks for all your efforts.

I agree its nice to hear from people who receive auto messages...so can I take this opportunity to say 'thanks' for all the tips. I have them all filed and occasionally have time (not often) to dip in and try them out.

I'm still out here, Karen, and still most grateful for your tips - many of which I use, but haven't got a favourite. I wish you continued and even better success!

Just a note to say "keep 'em coming, I absolutely love finding out at least once a month that there's something I didn't know!"

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