e-Learning (computer-based training)

Computer-based training (often referred to as CBT) offers an effective way to deliver materials to a broad audience. Online learning can be the answer if you want to make sure you send the same message in a consistent way to large groups of people in your organisation, or simply if your people don't have the time to attend formal training sessions. Others may prefer having the option to learn on their own, at their own speed.

Roem Limited, an independent training provider established in 2001, can handle all aspects of developing e-learning material, from deciding who needs the training, right through to writing the “storyboard” and narrative as well as integral tests and quizzes. Roem provides the complete package, taking care of all aspects of design and development as well as installation of the materials.

Roem has successfully developed short interactive computer-based training modules for public and private sector clients, walking members of staff through new software, as well as non-computer subjects such as equal opportunities, age discrimination legislation and SOX awareness.

Simulation, screenshot and demonstration software used includes Captivate, Camtasia, Qarbon ViewletBuilder, Knowledge Solutions' technology, Flash CS4 and a range of graphics and other programs.

Roem operates with a small, carefully selected team of experienced writers, communications consultants, voice-over artistes and designers.