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Blogging for Business
3 reasons why blogging can help boost your business

This article first appeared in the Cambridge Evening News

Blogging (short for "web log") has been hailed as the next big PR tool. Blogs are increasingly popular, with politicians, journalists and now businesses getting in on the act. Blogs are an ideal tool to share your thoughts with others, but don't overlook their capacity to generate new business as well. Here are three simple reasons why blogging can boost your business.

Position your products and services. Blogging helps new and existing clients determine the range of your skills and services. It gives you the opportunity to position yourself as a respected authority in your field or industry. Existing customers might be surprised at the sort of products you offer and use you for other type of projects.

Open/deepen customer relationships. The conversational style of a blog can help prospective and existing clients get to know and trust you. Think about it. As clients tend to buy when they know and trust you, a blog can help lead to greater profits. It’s a bit like networking, but without the luke-warm wine. And in the time that it would take to meet three or four people in face-to-face networking events, you can meet hundreds online.

Improve your search engine rankings. Blogs can have a huge impact on the number of visitors you get to your website. In September last year I started my "Diary of a Training Consultant" (http://www.roem.co.uk/blog.html) and within a few weeks my number of hits had doubled. When one of my target publications (IT Training Magazine) asked permission to reprint my blog in their quarterly magazine, traffic even tripled. I now get a steady stream of enquiries through both my online and printed blog.

Blogging has allowed me to grow my business from the comfort of my converted garage. I want to be perfectly clear, though. I started the blog as a hobby and try to give a constant supply of interesting links, quotes and recommended reading. In no way am I saying a blog should be seen as an opportunity for shameless plugs. Or as Paula Gardner, founder of Do Your Own PR, puts it in her blog (http://doyourownpr.blogspot.com/) "…blogging has to come from the heart and not the wallet!"

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