Roem software training

Over the last eighteen years we've successfully developed and delivered courses for clients across the world, in organisations of all sizes and in a wide range of sectors. Recognising that people have different approaches to learning, we offer both hands-on and hands-off courses, either in-house at your offices or at our own premises in Cambridge. We’re particularly good at ‘scaling up’ our courses to meet the needs of large corporates and can design, deliver and evaluate rollout training programmes across different countries and continents, where required. But we also cater for small groups and individuals – giving the same amount of care and attention to every kind of course.

As we believe it is neither environmentally responsible nor economically viable to print thousands of glossy brochures which soon become obsolete, we keep our course details up to date on this website. If the training you require is not here – or if there are particular courses that you would like to see us commission – please ask! See our course schedule for training dates. If there are no training dates scheduled for the course you seek, please telephone 01223 214177 or email us to schedule a course at your location or to discuss other options.

Delivery methods
We all learn in different ways, which means that many people don't get the most out of traditional workshops and classes. Some will be happy to book a standard 'off the shelf' course. Some will find it hard to keep to everyone else's pace and follow the structure, while others will want to experiment on their own and not have to worry about slower learners catching up. There are many reasons why traditional classroom training works well. There are also reasons why it doesn't always meet learning needs. That's why we offer various training solutions, taking into account the reality of different learning styles, ability levels and personal preferences:

  • standard, 'off the shelf' training
  • one-to-one training, coaching and 'floorwalking'
  • tailored hands-on training, ensuring course material accurately reflects your company's setup
  • hands-off demonstrations and presentations, offering an efficient introduction to existing and/or improved Microsoft tools
  • virtual training, giving a cost-effective method for individuals and small teams unable to attend classroom style training
  • computer-based training simulations, supplying an effective way to deliver materials to a broad audience
  • bespoke self-study material, which can be completed in self-contained stages to fit your work schedule or as a tailored learning guide during classroom training
  • half day courses, that can be combined to accommodate a full day of training