OpenText Content Server (Livelink) training testimonials

In all our training, we aim to show patience and an understanding of people's particular concerns, adapting teaching methods to take into account individual ways of learning. But don't take our word for it! Here's what some clients say about our Livelink training solutions. (Please note - certain industries are not represented due to confidentiality agreements; some clients do not to want to be named, but are available for reference calls.)

"During our implementation of LiveLink software, Karen did a great job of taking our requirement to train 350 people, in London, Cape Town, Dublin and Islamabad, and produced a number of training courses which have been expertly delivered. Karen has given valuable feedback for the rest of the implementation team and worked flexibly to deliver training and support to a range of business users."
Ed Evans, New Digital Business Ltd

"The global finance functions in the Shell Group have utilized Karen's extensive knowledge of Livelink to provide training to staff. Her style of training kept everyone entertained and promoted interactive engagement in the training sessions. She has a positive attitude and her sense of humor keeps everyone relaxed which makes learning so much easier, and quicker."
Sharon Hammond, Livelink Coordinator, Shell Global Finance, Houston

"Karen, you presented the course really well. I also had feedback from the trainees that they thought you were great, funny and friendly but disciplined."
Sarah Dodd, Project Manager, Communications and Training, Information Management Programme, Tullow Oil plc

"Karen was excellent - anyone who can control us is a star !!!"
Bailey Place, Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance, Coventry

"Martijn did a good job and is genuinely committed to delivering. We experienced some problems on our system and he even managed to help us think through some good solutions."
Terry Naude, London Borough of Hounslow, Hounslow

"I think the trainer was very nice, we warmed to her, and she was good at regaining the attention of the group when we started to stray!"
Beci Gilpin, Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance, Coventry

"I thought Karen was an excellent trainer, she was well aware of everyone's different ways of learning. She went over and over things until everyone grasped it. Her manner an humour made me feel very relaxed and not nervous about trying out new packages. She was positive and very much involved in what she was teaching us about Livelink which equally gave me a positive approach to it. Really fantastic training."
Claire Kilgallon, Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance, Coventry

"The trainer was very charming, funny and easy to listen too, very good capability of making everyone feel at ease and appreciated. Very professional. Thank you."
Linda Palmnas, Customer Service Manager, LRQA Integria AB, Sweden

"Als Trainers maar 3 procent van jou enthousiasme en inzet hebben zouden trainingen een stuk interessanter zijn. Bedankt hiervoor! Ik vond het erg leuk."
Melanie Koorevaar, Lloyd's Register Nederland B.V., Rotterdam
[ed.: "If other trainers showed just 3 percent of your enthusiasm and drive training would be a lot more interesting. Thanks. I really enjoyed it."]

"I found the course very good - educational and interesting. I found you very approachable and you explained things very well. I liked the way we could be quite flexible in putting our real-world requirements to you and you explaining how we might address them using LiveLink. I thought the hand-out materials were very useful."
Matt Matthew, NATS Ltd.

"Karen was excellent in her preparation, presentation and delivery of the material."
Victoria Berry, NATS Ltd.

"Karen is very friendly and I found the course a good insight to the areas I will be working on within Livelink."
Eloise Channell, NATS Ltd.

"Non-hands on was very interactive and enabled plenty of Q&A."
Carolyn Harden, NATS Ltd.

"This training course was excellent. There was enough information but not too much overload."
Sarah Garrett, NATS Ltd.

"Julie Browning tailored her course to suit the need for our group to understand both the mechanics of using Livelink and the need for appropriate structures to be set up as an administrative function."
Eddy Horton, Lloyd's Register EMEA, London