Some of our clients

Since its establishment in January 2001 Roem Limited has worked with clients in a wide range of industry sectors, including education, financial services, technology & science and charities, as well as doing one-to-one training for private customers.

This is a partial list of recent, representative customers. Certain industries are not represented due to confidentiality agreements. Some clients do not to want to be named, but are available for reference calls.

"Amazing amount of information, well-tailored to our team who use Excel for very different purposes."
Kirsty Waight, Asynt Ltd (Excel Intermediate training)

"Really useful day today, although my brain has gone into overdrive thinking about how I can improve the current Excel documents I have!"
Caroline Luker, The Møller Centre (Excel Intermediate/Advanced training)

"The course was great, and the venue was amazing."
Sarah Willson, Samson Materials Handling (Excel Advanced training)

"A great paced course with up-to-date information, friendly trainer with great knowledge to share!"
Georgina Wark, PraxisAuril (Excel Further Use training)

"Karen combines a wide knowledge of Microsoft products with a pragmatic and personable teaching style. That - supplemented by printed course notes and post training support - means her courses are exceptional value for money."
Steven Godfrey, Auditel (Excel Further Use training)

"Having the session as 1:1 was great and meant that the content was exactly as I needed, particular as we were able to use my template document."
Jess Fox, Team Consulting (Word Advanced training)

"The course was well structured and Karen was fantastic at not making us feel stupid for the gaps in our knowledge."
Cathy Hugo, Fenners Chambers (Excel Introduction training)

"This was a great course for me; I had been self taught in my use of Word but I was working inefficiently. I wish I had done this earlier! Karen is an excellent teacher and the home office setting is really lovely, very light and airy."
Sylvie, Skarbek Associates (Word training)

"The trainer is fantastic. Karen is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic with a naturally high energy level to carry you through the whole course."
Kathryn Irons, RxCelerate (bespoke Access training)

"Everything I felt went well and I found the course very useful!!".
Zoe Quinn, Blacktrace Holdings Ltd (Excel Introduction training)

We are a registered supplier to the University of Cambridge, Illumina and NHS England.