Some of our clients

Since its establishment in January 2001 Roem Limited has worked with clients in a wide range of industry sectors, including education, financial services, technology & science and charities, as well as doing one-to-one training for private customers. Roem is a registered supplier to local companies such as AstraZeneca, University of Cambridge, South Cambridgeshire District Council and NHS England.

This is a partial list of feedback from recent, representative customers. Certain industries are not represented due to confidentiality agreements. Some clients do not to want to be named, but are available for reference calls.

"Thank you Karen, for such a useful training session for our PA Forum members this morning - there was so much lovely feedback. We really appreciate your support at this time. Kind regards, Andrea"
Cambridge Network, "Top time-saving tips in Microsoft Office for busy PAs, EAs and administrators"

"I have been using your tips every day since the training. Looking forward to the next session!"
Jaya (Excel Advanced training)

"Karen was so friendly and welcoming, the training was conducted at the right pace, and Karen ensured I was happy with each element of training before moving on. Venue is amazing and using own laptop was helpful, as it enabled the use of "live" documents, if necessary, to use as examples.
Mel Fletcher, Team Consulting Limited (tailored one-to-one Word and Excel training)

"Your course as always was excellent and I look forward to coming on the next one."
Karen Spencer, Møller Institute (Excel Advanced training)

"I found the shortcut key tips to be very useful and something that could be applied instantly in my work. I also found that I could immediately apply what I had learned about functions and filtering to my existing Excel spreadsheets, saving me lots of time, as I was previously doing this manually."
Mazie Jones, Federation of European Biochemical Societies (Excel Intermediate training)

"The training Roem provides is outstanding. I always learn new commands and tools which save me so much time. I highly recommend any of their courses."
Vicky Shipton, Head of Marketing, Team Consulting (Excel Intermediate/Advanced training)

"I've been using tables and a number of the shortcuts you showed us - it's proven to be most useful!"
Caroline McCartney, Corteva Agriscience (Half day "manage and summarise your Excel data" training)

"Really good course which targets key areas you are interested in."
Sara Lopez, Team Consulting Ltd, Ickleton, Cambridge (Word Advanced training)