Some of our clients

Since its establishment in January 2001 Roem Limited has worked with clients in a wide range of industry sectors, including education, financial services, technology & science and charities, as well as doing one-to-one training for private customers. Roem is a registered supplier to local companies such as AstraZeneca, University of Cambridge, South Cambridgeshire District Council and NHS England.

This is a partial list of feedback from recent, representative customers. Certain industries are not represented due to confidentiality agreements. Some clients do not to want to be named, but are available for reference calls.

"Great course, Karen is a great trainer, the manual/booklet effective, self explanatory and appealing to the eye, venue is lovely! "
Kendal Bahadirgil, Bayfield Training (Excel Intermediate training)

"Karen was fantastic. I feel more confident to try out the materials/content learnt today."
Leah Ringer, Pioneer Europe Ltd (Excel Intermediate/Advanced training)

"Training was spot on, handout was great as made notes to take away and to revisit at a later date. Facilities were amazing, best office I have ever been to. Karen listened to my needs and worked with me on my files to improve my performance."
Michelle, Space To Trade (one-to-one Excel Introduction training)

"The way pivot tables can be quickly generated to allow data to be quickly analysed and filtered will be extremely powerful and much more efficient than my previous methods. Many of the small tips that we picked up will also be extremely useful and accelerate my work in Excel."
Steve Vance, Crescendo (tailored Excel training)

"I am thrilled to have discovered shortcuts and tricks that will save me time. I am much more comfortable with Word Styles on the Mac now, as well as mail merge, macros, templates and multilevel lists."
Erin Coppin (Word Advanced training)

"Really enjoyed the course and found all content relevant and helpful. Things learnt will help going forward." Elissa Payne, South Cambridgeshire District Council (Excel Intermediate training)

"Central location, lovely setting and training room. Good lunch."
Susan Haigh (Word Intermediate training)

"I have really enjoyed meeting you and very much appreciate how professional and knowledgeable you are! This has been such a positive experience to the extent that if possible I will sign up for the Advanced level and why not maybe look at Excel too! I think the duration of the course is perfect for me: a day gives the chance to learn new skills with enough time to ask questions and no pressure to rush through the schedule. Location and set up are fantastic and they work very well."
(Word Intermediate training)

"Thank you for a very enjoyable and informative day on Friday - I have sung your praises far and wide. I will be in touch soon as I would love to book some other courses."
Dawn Adams, Novosco (Excel Introduction training)

"It was a really enjoyable day of learning with many new skills that will be put into practice straight away. The pace of the day and the content were spot on and the day flew by. It was also fantastic to see the amazing Sun House on the inside! "
Annie Hughes, Team Consulting Ltd (Excel Intermediate/Advanced training)

"As someone who has taught myself the basics of PowerPoint, I found Karen's training both illuminating and empowering. She took us through a lot of content in a very engaging way, dropping in a great many tips and hints along the way. Following a day with Karen, I now feel that I have the tools to be able to work much more confidently and quickly in PowerPoint, while making my slides much more appealing." Melanie Dunn, Cambridge Assessment International Education (PowerPoint Intermediate training)